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But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves

James 1:22


Current Sermon Series

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1 & 2 timothy Album Art.jpeg

Past Sermon Series (Old Testament)

Exodus Album Art (New).png
Joshua Album Artwork 2.png
Judges Album Artwork (New).png
Ruth Album Artwork.jpeg
Psalm Album Artwork 2.png
Ecclesiastes Sermon Album Artwork.jpeg
Esther Album Artwork.jpeg
Nehemiah Albm Artwork.jpeg

Past Sermon Series (New Testament)

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1 Corinthians Album Art (New).png
Galatians Album Art (New).png
Philippians Album Art (New)
Colossians Album Art.jpeg
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Hebrews Album Artwork.png
Revelation Album Art (New).jpeg

Other Sermons Series

Miracles Album Art.png
John 3 Album Artwork.jpg
Fruits of the Spirit Album Art.png
7 Scriptures Album Artwork.png
Psalm 25 Album Artwork
Who Is God Album Artwork.jpeg
Going Boldly Album Art.png

A Collection of Various Topical Sermons

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