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What is Bible Q&A?

Often when we study the Bible we have questions that pop into our mind. Some are quite silly and of no real value for instance "Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?" while others are important things about God's Word we want to understand better.

One thing I have learned about deep study into the word of God is that it sometimes leaves you with more question than you had to start with. Reading a pile of books and commentaries on the Bible is a great help, but with so many different points of view on so many different passages out there it is not always easy to make heads or tails of what we read. In a way I suppose I am adding to the problem of more thoughts to sift through by starting this Q&A section on the website, but with the problem of more to sift through comes more little things that maybe you have never noticed or thought about before, but in a good way. I want to encourage as you read to keep searching the Word of God first. Sometimes the answer to our questions is right there in front of us and more obvious than we realize. Sometimes God's Word seems complicated, other times it is not as complicated as we try to make it.

Studying different points of view on a particular passage or topic is a healthy practice I believe. You will no doubt encounter some false teachings in your study, but the more you grow in the Lord and His Word, the more you will be able to decipher what has Biblical support and what does not. You may also find that on some topics there may be sufficient scripture to argue for more than one point of view. We always want to chose what is right when it comes to God's Word, but there are some things we may not ever have a clear answer to in this world. A key thing to remember when trying to answer tough questions about the Bible is that not all Christians interpret the Bible the same yet they are still Christians. The one area I believe we cannot disagree on is Jesus. I believe Jesus was the Son of God who gave His life on the cross as an atonement of our sin and in Jesus alone we have eternal life. There are many other areas of scripture that Christians disagree on yet they are both still earnestly seeking to follow God to the best of their ability.

You will very well disagree with some of my answers on this website and praise the Lord, you can! We all have God's Word before us and can study it for ourselves and I would encourage you to do so. Don't take my word or anyone else's word for what the Bible says, see for yourself. While I seek to learn God's Word and answers questions about it to the best of my ability I am just a mere man and am not incapable of being wrong. I am not answering these questions as someone who thinks he knows all the answer or that I have a perfect understanding of scripture. I am still seeking to learn and you probably are too if you are reading this. I am not promising you an answer to all of your questions, but will do my best to seek God's Word and try to be fair to what it has to say. Our goal is to build a database of questions and answers on this sight that people can visit to seek answers to questions that both they and others have. I hope if you have any questions about the Bible that you would send them my way! I would love to study them and seek an answer in God's Word with you. May God bless you in the reading of His Word.

God Bless

Pastor Shan Van Norman



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